List Environments

Lists environments that belong to this application.

Returns a paginated list of Environments.

environments[]List of environments.
nextPageToken""PageToken to provide for the next page of results.
totalCount0Total number of results.


An Application-environment with details of recent scan stats included.

environmentName""The name of this environment.
environmentId""The UUID identifier of this environment.
currentScanSummary{}Summary of the scan results and triaged findings for this environment.
latestScanType"UNKNOWN"Type of newest scan in this environment. Options include DEFAULT, REST, GRAPHQL, GRPC, SOAP.

Scan Summary

The summary of findings from scan results.

configHash""Hash of the HawkScan configuration used for this scan.
timestamp0Seconds since unix epoch timestamp of when the scan was started.
alertStats{}Summarized statistics of findings for this scan.
version""The version of HawkScan used for this scan.
scanId""The UUID identifier of this scan.
applicationId""The UUID identifier of this scan's application.

The returned list of environments is filtered by the User's API Token Team membership.

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