List Scan Alerts

Lists the scan alerts associated with this scan.

A scan that has found vulnerabilities will report each finding by the HSTE Plugin that produced that finding.

An alert can be triggered multiple times, from different url paths. The pluginId associated with an alert is unique per HSTE plugin.

Scan Alerts are returned paginated and can be requested with the pagination parameters.

Application Alert

Calling this endpoint with a given scanId returns an array of one applicationScanResults object corresponding with that scan.
This applicationScanResults object will also include the populated applicationAlerts field, which is the paginated results of Scan alerts found in that scan.

The applicationAlerts also includes the pluginId identifying the Alert that triggered the scan.

Meaningful scan findings (also known as Alerts) contextual to a run of HawkScan.

scan{}The underlying scan this alert was found in.
pluginId""The id of the Zap plugin that triggered this alert.
name""The name of the Zap plugin this alert triggered for.
description""A markdown flavored description of this alert.
severity""The severity of this finding. One of "High" "Medium" or "Low".
references[]External urls and study references to understand this findings.
uriCount0The number of scanned urls that report this alert.
alertStatusStats[]Statistical snapshot of alerts by status.
externalAlertsResult[]External findings associated with this alert.
cweId""The cwe id of this alert.

The scan field is available from the applicationScanResults object, but is not populated on the applicationAlert.
Each applicationAlert includes a pluginId, which can be used to list the application alert findings.

See the Scan Results Analysis guide for further details on how to use these endpoints.

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