List Scans

This endpoint lists the latest scan results that belong to this organization. This endpoint is used to populate
the scans page in the StackHawk Platform.

Scan Results are reported relative to a scanned application, and by default are sorted in order of the scan date.

Scan Results are returned paginated and can be requested with the pagination parameters.

The returned list of scans is filtered by the User's API Token Team membership.

Application Scan Results

Calling this endpoint will return paginated applicationScanResults. These scan results additionally correspond
historically to the scanned application.
Each object includes the scan object with details of the underlying point-in-time scan.

The applicationAlerts field is always an empty when returned by this endpoint.

The results of a run of HawkScan, contextual to a scanned application, and other previously triaged findings.

scan{}The results of the finished scan.
scanDuration0Time in seconds the scan took to run.
urlCount0The number of urls scanned.
alertStats{}Alert statistics of this scan.
severityStats[]Recordings of scan counts made by severity and statistic.
configHash""A hash of the configuration used for this run of HawkScan.
appHost""The scanned host endpoint.
applicationAlerts[]Scan findings contextual to this application and run of HawkScan.
timestamp0Seconds since unix epoch time of when this was run.
scanErrors[]Errors encountered from this run of HawkScan.
scanProgress{}Populated progress and scan detail.
percentComplete0Indicates completeness of a STARTED scan in the scan list. ERROR and COMPLETED scans report 100.
policyName""Named scan policy used for this run of HawkScan.
externalAlertStats[]External finding statistics contextual to this scan result.
tags[]Any tags associated with this scan result.


Represents the core elements of a single HawkScan run. Finished scans will include ScanResults, including alerts of findings contextual to the scanned application.
The Scan also represents its current operational state (STARTED / COMPLETED / ERROR).
For more information, see Scans.

id""the UUID identifier of this scan
repoId""a hash of the scanned repo git name
version""the version of HawkScan used to scan this application
applicationId""the UUID applicationId corresponding to the scanned application
externalUserId""the UUID identifier of the StackHawk user that started this scan
env""the name of the scanned environment
status"UNKNOWN"the current state of the running scan (STARTED / COMPLETED / ERROR)
applicationName""the name of the corresponding scanned application
timestamp0seconds since unix epoch timestamp of when the scan was started
envId""the UUID environmentId corresponding to the scanned environment
parentScanId""If this scan is a result of a retest, this is the id of the scan it retested

See the Scan Results Analysis guide for further details on how to use these endpoints.

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