Organization Findings

Get all findings for your organization as JSON or CSV (Comma Seperated Values).

Findings can be filtered by application UUIDs and/or environment names if supplied as query parameters.

Using the date query parameter you can return the findings for your apps and environments for that point in time.
If no date parameter is supplied findings will be for the current date.

To retrieve findings in your desired format use the Accept header to specify the
media type.

oputput formatAccept header
JSONAccept: application/json
CSVAccept: text/csv


Return results as CSV

curl -s -H 'Accept: text/csv' -H "Authorization: Bearer $JWT_TOKEN" '

scanId, applicationId, applicationName, environmentId, environmentName, status, findingPluginId, findingPluginName, findingRisk, findingUrl, findingMethod, findingEvidence, findingOtherInfo, findingDescription, findingFirstSeen, findingLastSeen
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This endpoint is NOT accessible to users with the Member role.

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